Thank you for electing me – I’ll do my best

May 24th, 2014

What a day – thanks to every one of you who voted for me as councillor for The Lane ward and who helped deliver a Labour landslide in Southwark.

I am very proud to have the responsibility of representing you all. It is a bit humbling, but every time I feel daunted I remind myself I got 2369 of your votes so I had better do a good job!

The Lane is one of the most exciting places in London right now, bringing energy, diversity and creativity together in a really powerful mix. As we know there is also inequality, an achievement gap, low pay and a host of challenges we are all itching to fix.

I want to work with you over the next four years to make things better for everyone in The Lane. To make sure the development of our area meets the expectations of all our people. To improve facilities for our children, our families and our older people. To fight for education. To make our roads safer for all.

Please keep in touch with me and my fellow councillors Nick Dolezal and Jamille Mohammed. I want to hear your ideas and your criticisms, your hopes and your fears, to get input from the people of The Lane and how we want to live together now and in the future.

Thanks everyone!


Me and my kids campaigning for Labour in The Lane

Me and my kids campaigning for Labour in The Lane