Tactical Voting Strategic Mistake

May 23rd, 2019

Today I voted Labour.

I didn’t vote tactically; I voted strategically

I voted against the Tory Brexit chaos, against Farage’s far right populism, and against the hypocritical LibDems who helped the Tories launch their cruel austerity nine years ago, betrayed their pledges on tuition fees and even backed the benefit cap.

I voted for  £10 an hour minimum wage

for an end to austerity

for nationalisation of British steel saving thousands of jobs

for a Green New Deal creating hundreds of thousands of public sector jobs defending and restoring our environment

There is only one party that can stop a Tory hard Brexit.

There is only one party that can beat Farage in London

There is only one socialist party that works to transform Britain, for the many, not the few.

That’s why I voted Labour today