Syrian Refugee Support Game – Tickets on sale now

February 17th, 2016

Southwark Council is working with the amazing Dulwich Hamlet, Southwark Refugee Community Forum and the British Red Cross on a Syrian Refugee Support Game.

Last autumn the British public showed their humanity in an unprecedented wave of sympathy for Syrian refugees, after heart-rending photographs emerged of three-year old Aylan Kurdi drowned on a beach.

But since then attitudes have started to harden again. The right wing press is running daily scare stories to whip up hate and fear. They are trying to undo the sympathy and solidarity we showed in September by associating the victims of terror with terror itself, to get us to turn our backs on refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war.

Meanwhile people continue to drown while our Tory government refuses to take anything like a decent share of responsibility for welcoming desperate victims.

It is time for as resurgence of sympathy and solidarity. Let’s encourage ordinary people up and down the country to organise clothing and money and basic support for people who have already suffered enough.

We need great examples to inspire people. So please work with Dulwich Hamlet, Southwark Council, British Red Cross and Southwark Refugee Forum to make sure the stadium is as full as possible on March 2nd. Every penny raised will go to refugees.

Dulwich Hamlet vs FC Assyria
Wednesday 2nd March Kick Off 7.45pm
Champion Hill Stadium, Edgar Kail Way,
London, SE22 8BD

Tickets on sale now!
You can pay on the day or show your support with advance purchase of your ticket
£5 or £2 concession
Please contact for your ticket