Help the Council Improve Southwark Children’s Futures

August 19th, 2014

Southwark council is appealing to residents to help children do better at school by sharing their experiences of what motivates kids to succeed – and what doesn’t.

These days we really need your help. Of course, everyone welcomes this week’s drop in unemployment, but the headlines hide a more difficult story. The number of young people out of work is rising – the Institute for Public Policy Research says 868,000 16-24 year olds are jobless.

Since May’s council elections Southwark has promised education, employment or training for every school leaver in the borough. It was in the manifesto. Now we are asking for your help to make this happen.

The council wants to make sure that at least 70 per cent of pupils achieve at least five good GCSEs at level A to C.

Southwark’s Education and Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee wants to improve the lives of children and young people in the borough, so its first inquiry of the year aims to raise exam results for all pupils, especially the most disadvantaged.

Jasmine Ali, the chair of the Scrutiny Committee, said:

Thirty per cent of children in the borough are not getting five good GCSEs at A to C. That is troubling. So our first inquiry is about how schools will improve that and ‘guarantee education, employment or training for every school leaver in Southwark’”

We want to look at the persistently under-performing groups and improve the education of children in care.

The inquiry is an opportunity for the Council to work with local schools, regardless of who runs them, to improve outcomes for young people.

The inquiry is now looking for live examples of what actually works and really narrows the gap in outcomes between pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds and their better-off counterparts. It will also examine the links between education and the local job market.

If you would like to contribute to this research and you are a young person, a parent, a local business person or employer, please get in touch at